Lauren Mitchell, Assoc. AIA, PhD

Clemson University / Doctor of Philosophy_ Rhetoric(s), Communication and Information Design

University of Michigan / Master of Architecture

University of Florida / Master of Science, Architectural Studies, Pedagogy Concentration and Bachelor of Design

Lauren is passionate about the beginning stages of the design process. She appreciates thinking and research, but most enjoys participating in how stories and big ideas transform into thoughtful, physical details through architecture.

Eager to expand architecture’s influence in American culture, Lauren’s academic research brings together architecture and rhetoric(s) in an effort to make design and design narratives matter more. Lauren is inspired by archimania’s unique presence and influence within the middle of the country. She draws on her background to help the firm continue to incite awareness about design and its untapped value.

Lauren’s design research has been published in the Journal of Architectural Education, Textshop Experiments and the book Florida, a collection of essays edited by digital media scholar Jeff Rice. Prior to joining archimania she was an assistant professor of architecture at the University of Hawaii, at Manoa and has taught at Clemson University and the University of Florida.

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